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The kids of Mambo

Usambara mountains Tanzania

High up the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania you find a small town called Mambo. Mambo has 2500 inhabitants and lies at 2200m altitude. The fast majority of the inhabitants are childeren. Their parents have gone to work in the city. They are at least a 15 hour busdrive away. A few woman and elderly whom have stayed behind take care of them. But still the kids need to help out quite a lot.
Every morning at dawn, before school, the kids return from the valley with collected grass and wood.

The walk is long and steep and they carry heavy loads.


Udzungwa, Tanzania.

Far into the west of Tanzania you find Mangula. A little town that used to have a trainstation. Since the lines stopped being used progress stopped and visiting the local pub became a solution for the men in the village. A local charity foundation is helping the society by reinforcing tourism in the amazing Udzungwa mountains National Park.

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